In the 1st issue of SOD, we meet JB, part-time real estate mogul and full-time low-down greedy bastard, along with Melanie, his secretary and brand-spanking-new bride. The couple is en route to their honeymoon when their broken down Caddy makes an unplanned pit stop in the middle of Iowa. This fate-filled detour leads them to an uncultivated and dying town, ironically named Sod City. It’s home to a cast of unforgettable characters right out of the Andy Griffith Show -- that is, if Andy was regularly talking hallucinogens. The inaugural issue of the 7-part SOD series plants the seeds of a mad-capped adventure that quickly grows into an unstoppable horror that will ultimately be the undoing of not only Sod City, but, quite possibly, the entire world!
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