In the second fun-filled issue of SOD, we find Melanie making the best of her new digs in Sod City, but no matter how hard she tries, this voluptuous city girl sticks out like a sore thumb . . . much to the delight of all the male residents. Meanwhile, JB is busy rallying the troops in an attempt to inject life back into the dying town. Task number one: calling in the guys in the white lab coats to uncover the cause of the creeping virus that has been plaguing Sod City and killing all the vegetation. They mix up a remedy and everything is s-l-o-w-l-y going according to plan, until the impatient and greedy JB tries to speed up the scientific process and, in turn, sets off a chain reaction that grows into an uncontrollable horror overnight -- literally! Yep . . . the grass grows green, but it's hungry . . . and it's craving human meat. 
Who will be 
SOD's first victims? 
Dig into to Sod #2 
today and find out!

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